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Founded in 1475, La Rochère is the oldest working art glassworks in France. With its wealth of expertise, the glassworks produces tableware and decorative items from mouth blown and machine glass, ranging from new versions of 18th-century items to designer creations. La Rochère proposes original collections that are relevant to contemporary living styles. It does not consider "daily life" to be a meaningless notion, but rather filled with heritage, emotions and passion to accompany key occasions and small moments of happiness. In its collections designed for individuals and professionals, La Rochère focuses on conviviality, indulgence and curiosity to share the pleasure of hosting through all generations. La Rochère pressed glass The method for producing moulded pressed glass consists of pouring molten glass into a metal mould and then applying strong pressure. The molten glass then faithfully takes on the shape of the mould and the relief pattern is produced. La Rochère glass is thick, giving it strength and simplicity. It is pressed on machines that are the descendants of the hand-operated presses used in the 19th century. A pressure seam is sometimes visible, which is the mark left by opening the mould in which the glass is pressed. It is the characteristic of pressed machine glass and confers authentic industrial rusticity upon the item. La Rochère pressed glass has a special shine. This is obtained by a fire polishing method specific to the glassworks.

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